This guys are AMAZING, the quality of the trailer, the details, everything with these guys was incredible.
Andres S.
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Food Trailers Sizes

When choosing a food trailer, consider the size and capacity needed for your staff, storage, and kitchen layout. We offer options from 16 feet to 30 feet. Keep in mind that the length of the trailer will determine the amount of kitchen space, which typically ranges from 16 to 30 feet, as well as being able to make custom sizes up to 30 feet. It is important to note that even small trucks, such as 16-20 feet, can still be successful for certain types of businesses, as ice cream vendors have shown.

Food Trailer TypeWidthLength
16 ft. Food trailers8 Feet16 Feet
18 ft. Food trailers8 Feet18 Feet
20 ft. Food trailers8 Feet20 Feet
22 ft. Food trailers8 Feet22 Feet
24 ft. Food trailers8 Feet24 Feet
26 ft. Food trailers8 Feet26 Feet
28 ft. Food trailers8 Feet28 Feet
30 ft. Food trailers8 Feet30 Feet
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